Introducing the first ever autonomized gifting at Luckydip Gifts.

Our unique system has the ability to combine your requested age and gender to produce the perfect gift selection for you.  Be it a memobotte for the sister, or a DinoHunter for the nephew, our system will combine two or more unique gifts tailored to your needs.

But how do I know I will like the gifts?
You don’t. And that’s part of the fun!  If you’re looking for a specific gift to give to a close one, then head over to our Shop All section.  However, if you carry a sense of curiosity and mystery and also enjoy the luxury of having your gifts taken care of for you, while  still remaining thoughtful and valuable, then you’re in the right place!

Our suppliers have been carefully selected by our team to ensure that we only stock high quality range of unique gifts that cover all ages and genders. We are fast becoming Australia’s favourite autonomized gift shop with our professional customer service and our ability to ensure our customers are satisfied with their Luckydip experience.


"I gave this a go as a bit of a laugh for a mate and the gifts were surprisingly good. Spot on!" - Tom.P

Let us take care of your gifts with our Classic and Premium Luckydip Gifts

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Featured Products


Our CLASSIC Luckydip retailing for $39.95 is our most popular product and the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, housewarmings, baby showers and randoms acts of kindness. Inside the CLASSIC Luckydip contains two or more outstanding gifts specific to your chosen age and gender, presented in our custom Luckydip Gift Box buzzing with mystery.  The CLASSIC Luckydip will be sure to have you impressed, taking out all of the stress and time consumption involved in buying a gift and replacing it with ease and excitement.  If you’re having trouble finding the right gift for someone close, then the CLASSIC Luckydip is perfect for you.


Our PREMIUM Luckydip retailing for $79.95 is perfect for those willing to go the extra mile. If finding an exceptional gift for someone close has been nothing but worry, find some relief with the PREMIUM Luckydip!  Including two or more quality products suited to your request, presented in our custom Luckydip Gift Box, the PREMIUM Luckydip is sure to astound!

In the unlikely case that you were at all unsatisfied with your purchase, we would be more than happy to give you a full refund for returning the gifts.

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