Top Tips For Students In The Kitchen

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The Top Tips for Hungry Student Cookbook is something every student’s needs, whether you’re a complete beginner in the kitchen or an experienced food connoisseur. Balancing your social life, stressful academic workload, and crazy deadlines don’t exactly leave you thrilled about preparing dinner every night. But if you arm yourself with this Student Cookbook, you will be soon whipping delicious, tasty foods effortlessly (and finally say by to baked beans and instant noodles).

The book comes with a wide range of food ideas and recipes to please healthy eaters, dessert lovers, big appetites and vegetarians alike. It primarily focuses on easy to prepare, delicious meals suitable for chefs on a tight budget. This Student Cookbook will serve you from your first day as a fresher to your graduation on an unbelievably tight budget. Whether you want a detailed dinner to impress your housemates, a simple dinner or a quick snack between lectures, this book has got you covered. The book has well organised and easy to follow recipes and tips designed for students on budget. You will find your old time favourites such as fajitas, toad-in-the-hole, lasagna and homemade curries to delicious ideas for jacket potatoes, soups and casseroles.

For snack lovers, you will find detailed instructions and recipes of desserts like Bailey’s cheesecake and banoffee pie. Wondering what banoffee pie looks like? No problem. This details cookbook also comes with high quality, clear images to give you an idea of what the final prepared food looks like. You will also get tips on how to stock your kitchen, guidelines on kitchen tools and equipment, and useful advice choosing the best ingredients, and how not to poison your housemates. With a few bucks to spare, a minimalist kitchen and willingness to take a study break, you can whip up a delicious meal within minutes. This Student Cookbook can also make a practical gift for any student who needs some out-of-the-box and entertaining cooking tips and ideas.


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