The Grate Taco Grater


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You’re in luck! Following the success of Fred’s Taco Truck comes this new and exciting Taco Cheese Grater!

There’s a new food truck in town, and it’s parked right next to YOU! Drive Fred’s Taco Grater up to your messiest eater and marvel at how it serves the goods.

The Grate Taco Cheese Grater is both functional and is designed to help bring enjoyment and fun to the dinner table.

Simply shred your cheese onto The Grate Taco and allow it to neatly contain your cheese until you are ready to serve with your enchiladas or quesadilla.

This washable food-safe plastic truck is a playful addition to your table.


  • Individual Grate Taco Cheese Grater
  • Measures 16cm x 7cm x 4.2cm
  • Made from high quality food safe plastic
  • Grater will keep its sharp edge
  • Packaged in a colourful gift box


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