Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener


Perfect for Star Wars (and beer) fans


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Our favourite hunk of junk in the whole galaxy is back and she’s still got the charm. Able to do the famous smugglers Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs, this first love of Han Solo is once again flying high in the new Star Wars: Force Awakens and saving the day like she always has.

No rebel leader would leave base without knowing that the falcon has their back, so clip her onto your keyring and enjoy your journeys through galaxies far, far away knowing that you’ll never be without a trusty way to open a bottle. That’s right, not only does she look incredible, she’ll also open your beer.


  • Perfect for Star Wars (and beer) fans
  • Bottle opener swivels out of site behind the Falcon
  • Official Star Wars product


  • Made of steel
  • 6cm long Falcon with 3cm diameter key ring attached


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