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With these cool Glow in The Dark Glow Pens you’ll soon be creating all sorts of awesome designs, that once the lights go off, show off your handy work by glowing in your chosen colours.

These glow pens are great for arts and crafts, drawings, t-shirts design and even for writing secret messages that you only want to be seen when the sun goes down.

You can use a combination of a pen and a small brush or spoon to fill in designs and make solid shapes as well.

In the Glow Pens pack you get:

  • 1 x blue glow pen
  • 1 x green glow pen
  • 1 x pink glow pen
  • Instructions (on the back of pack)

These glow pens work exactly like the popular glow stars, the paint that comes from the pens gets charged by bright light, then when in the dark they glow.

Glow in the Dark Glow Pens are an ideal gift for anyone who loves craft, loves things that glow in the dark or who love to customise objects they own to make them unique. The paint is non toxic and can even be used on skin if you want to achieve a glowing effect.

NOTE: Not recommended for skin use if you have sensitive skin.


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