Flip & Tumble 24/7 Animal Printed Reusable Bag


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Flip & Tumble’s NEW Printed Reusable Shoulder Bags are so cute and stylish you can’t help but say “wow”! Not only are they great for the environment, as it reduces single-use plastic, but are super lightweight and machine washable.

Take it out for a spin at the market, a lazy Sunday picnic, the beach, the gym or just whenever you need something to throw all those bits and pieces in when you’re running out the door.

Each one comes complete with a non-slip shoulder strap, and a handy integrated stretchy pouch that has a double use. When using the bag it’s the perfect spot to keep your keys, change and/or your phone. Once you’re done using the bag, the pouch can be used to fold the bag inside, ready for next times use, making it a breeze to take anywhere and extremely easy to store.

The Reusable Bag is 43cm wide, 35cm tall and has a 14cm gusset. The non-slip strap is 70cm long.

Holds 15kg

When the bag is folded out in use, the pouch inside is 10cm wide and 13cm deep, however, it is a stretchy material so it can hold a fair amount!

When the bag is folded and stored inside the pouch in the shape of a squashed ball, it is only 10cm in diameter, and 5cm in depth.


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