Evergreen Lock-A-Box Rectangle


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The healthy way to store and carry your food, the Lock-a-Box comes with a Large Snacker tin inside and is perfect for those looking for a simple stainless steel lunchbox. Take it to the office, beach, school, playground, picnic or your next camping trip…the Lock-a-Box is built to last and ready for all of life’s little adventures!

Snacker Mini – Nuts & Seeds, fresh or dried Fruit, Veggies, Boiled Eggs, Cheese, Dips & Sauces

Rest of Box – Salad, Wraps, Sushi, Fruit, Veggies, Rice


  • Stainless Steel Snack Tin with roller to lock the lid down
  • Snacker Large to separate the snacks, dips or sauces from the rest
  • Plastic Free
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Reusable
  • Zero Waste Friendly
  • Sustainable
  • Non-Toxic
  • BPA Free
  • Not suitable in microwave
  • Not 100% leakproof


Dimensions: Length 18.5cm x Width 13.5cm x Height 5cm

Volume: 3.6 Cups

Tare Weight: 328g

Snacker Large

Dimensions: Length 12.7cm x Width 6.5cm x Height 4.3cm

Volume: 1 Cup

Tare Weight: 127g


Evergreen Reusable Products

Evergreen Reusable Products is a brand where the founders had the desire to create and provide beautiful, reusable and ethically-made eco-friendly products for everyday life. This encourages reducing the necessity for single-use plastic and fills the need for easy and effective transportation of our all-important nourishment – our food.

Evergreen also provides more natural and sustainable alternatives to other single-use plastics – such as the Evergreen Bamboo Toothbrushes to replace the billions of plastics ones that go to landfill every year.

All Evergreen Lunchboxes come with only Recycled Cardboard Boxes – no plastic wrapping!

You can feel good knowing that in purchasing an Evergreen Reusable Product, you are not contributing to the disposable plastic pollution problem that is increasingly threatening our world. If everyone started making small changes like this it would amount to big changes all over!


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