Bibi Candle – Yellow


Bird shaped candle with aluminium skeleton inside that is revealed as wax melts.

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A lovely bird shaped candle reminds us that beauty is more than skin deep. Light the wick and she will show you that what is inside counts as well. Bibi means “birdie” in Icelandic.

Pyropet is the original skeleton candle, founded in 2011 by Thorunn Arnadottir.

Material: Unscented Paraffin Wax, Cotton Wick, Aluminium

Dimensions: 9cm x 5.6cm x 7.2cm

Burn Time: approx 6 hours

Use & safety note: Each candle is slightly different and will burn in it’s own unique way. We recommend placing your candle on a plate with a minimum diameter of 25 cm to contain the wax as it melts. Burn within sight. Keep away from things that catch fire. Keep away from children.


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