Luckydip Gifts : Your Go To Solution For Birthday Gift Ideas

Luckydip Gifts is the first ever automated gift shop created right here in Australia, with gifts that cover all gender and ages.  Our customers are often searching for unique gifts for all types of occasions, for the most part birthdays!

For many, gifting is a tired process that can be quite time consuming.  Luckydip Gifts aim to transform the gifting experience by taking the pressure off of buying presents and including the buyer in the exciting sense of mystery involved in receiving a gift.

A large concern for this new way of gifting for new customers is often whether the gifts will be of quality and worth the price.  At Luckydip Gifts we have been careful as to only approach suppliers with high quality products, sourced predominantly from Europe and Australia.  We make sure that the contents of each Luckydip retail above what we sell them for!

Our goal is to provide a fun way of shopping for gifts while providing quality products and keeping our customers satisfied.

Customers around Australia have enjoyed being included in the fun of receiving gifts, with each box containing a unique set of gifts buzzing with mystery.  Those only willing to dip their toes in the water of automated gifting also have the option to select a gift from our gift store and add it to their Luckydip in the notes section.

If you aren’t yet ready to take the leap of faith – we have a large selection of our range on our gift store

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